Boart Longyear LF-230

The LF-230 is designed for deep hole projects, yet compared to other drills capable of drilling to similar depths, it has a compact design which allows for easy transportation and a smaller site footprint.  It's drilling capabilities and power provides us with the ability to get just about any job done...easily and efficiently.

Basic Data

  • Dlf230epth capacity 9,000 ft (NQ) 6,000 ft (HQ)
  • 18 ton capacity mainline hoist
  • Ergonomic operator panel with electric over hydraulic controls
  • 22.7 ton pullback, 3.35 m stroke direct-coupled feed cylinder
  • 9 m rod pull capacity
  • PQ Hollow spindle rotation until with 4 speed transmission 45 degree to 90 degree angle capacity
  • Nitro-Chuck with 222kN holding capacity
  • Hydraulic powered rod clamp
  • •Hydraulically driven wireline wench with integrated spooling device.