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Sandvik DE130


Formerly known as the Hagby 1000; this drill has revolutionized the drilling industry proving itself to be the most reliable, economic drill on the market in both surface and underground sites. This drill meets numerous application requirements allowing us to fulfill even the most unusual customer requests.

Basic Data

  • Feed length (underground) 1700 mm (5’7”)
  • Total length (underground) 3065 mm (10’)
  • Feeding force 46.1 kN (10350 lbs)
  • Pulling force 61.5 kN (13820 lbs)
  • Feed rate, drilling max 0.04 m/s (1.5”/s)
  • Feed rate, rod running, max 1.1 m/s (43”/s)
  • Practical rod running speed 20 m/min (60’/min)