Atlas Copco U8

The U8 is the most powerful underground exploration rig on the market. They can be used above or below ground, in traditional core drilling and in special applications such as salt mines, coal mines and various types of construction. Thanks to the choice of feed frames and rotation units the rig can be adapted to fit many customers needs.

Basic Data

  • Max depth 2000 m (6600 ft) (B)
  • Max speed 1200 rpm
  • Max torque 2300 Nm (1630 lbf ft)
  • Feed/Pull force 133 kN (29000 lbf)
  • Feed lengths 1800 mm (70″)

Atlas Copco CS14

The CS14 is a powerful, track, truck, or marooka mounted surface rig capable of accessing the most remote drilling sites. This drill has proven its reliability in the most extreme climates. The rig is capable of angle drilling up to 45 degree off vertical and is fitted with a dump mast. This compact rig has been specifically designed for tight access and environmentally sensitive exploration drilling.

Basic Data

  • Depth capacity (NO) 1200 m (4042 ft)
  • Drill rod size, wire line B-P
  • Main hoist 80 kN (18.000 lb)
  • Lift capacity, feed 138 kN (31.020 lb)
  • Feed length 3,5 m (11,5 ft)
  • Rod pull length 6 m (20 ft)

Atlas Copco CS4002

For mining and environmental clients who want reliable, proven results in their coring program. A cornerstone of successful core drilling, the CS4002 truck mounted drill rig is the dependable solution for your exploration drilling needs.

Basic Data

  • Depth Capacity (NO) – 2450 m (8030 ft)
  • Drill rod size, wire line – B-P
  • Main Hoist – 178 kN (14.000 lb)
  • Lift Capacity, feed – 200 kN (45.000 lb)
  • Feed length – 3,35 m (11 ft)
  • Rod pull length – 9 m (30 ft)

Boart Longyear LF230

The LF230 is designed for deep hole projects, yet compared to other drills capable of drilling to similar depths, it has a compact design which allows for easy transportation and a smaller site footprint.  It’s drilling capabilities and power provides us with the ability to get just about any job done…easily and efficiently.

Basic Data

  • Depth capacity 9,000 ft (NQ) 6,000 ft (HQ)
  • 18 ton capacity mainline hoist
  • Ergonomic operator panel with electric over hydraulic controls
  • 22.7 ton pullback, 3.35 m stroke direct-coupled feed cylinder
  • 9 m rod pull capacity
  • PQ Hollow spindle rotation until with 4 speed transmission 45 degree to 90 degree angle capacity
  • Nitro-Chuck with 222kN holding capacity
  • Hydraulic powered rod clamp
  • Hydraulically driven wireline winch with integrated spooling device.

Boart Longyear LF90

The LF90 is one of the most productive exploration drills in its class. Ideal for all types of traditional core drilling, its unique features make difficult jobs attainable. This drill features a larger power pack, increasing its depth capacity to 930 m/2950ft. Our specialized LF-90’s come complete with a track and/or truck mounts to easily access the most locations.

Basic Data

  • Depth capacity 900 m (2950 ft)
  • Hydraulic rod making and breaking
  • Independent dual hydraulic mast raising cylinders
  • Hydraulic mast dumping capability up to 2,340 mm (92in)
  • Hydraulic, telescopic, 6 m (20 ft) pull mast for ease of setup
  • 7,258 kg (16,000) lb) capacity mainline hoist
  • Field Proven, patented, nitrogen gas spring Nitro-Chuck
  • High drilling torque for productive drilling at depth

Sandvik DE130

Formerly known as the Hagby 1000; this drill has revolutionized the drilling industry proving itself to be the most reliable, economic drill on the market in both surface and underground sites. This drill meets numerous application requirements allowing us to fulfill even the most unusual customer requests.

Basic Data

  • Feed length (underground) 1700 mm (5’7”)
  • Total length (underground) 3065 mm (10’)
  • Feeding force 46.1 kN (10350 lbs)
  • Pulling force 61.5 kN (13820 lbs)
  • Feed rate, drilling max 0.04 m/s (1.5”/s)
  • Feed rate, rod running, max 1.1 m/s (43”/s)

Sandvik DE140

The DE140 is an outstanding choice for both underground and surface use. The DE140 is designed to meet the requirements from the market for deeper and larger holes. The DE140 for underground use is powered by either a 55 kW or 90 kW Power Unit. For surface use 92 kW or 147 kW Diesel Power Packs. The Max Torque control enables optimal balance of torque and rotation speed.

Basic Data

  • Feed length (underground) 17010 mm (5’6”)
  • Total length (underground) 3018mm
  • Feeding force 92.2 kN
  • Pulling force 92.2 kN
  • Feed rate, rod running, max 1.1 m/s (43”/s)


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