Dedicated to Safety

There is no substitute for a SAFE and productive project.
TDI Maintains the highest levels of safety standards and rigorous training as common practice.

John Dietel - General Manager

Openly Committed to Safety, Community And The Environment

Timberline Drilling Inc. recognizes that success in our business relies on having sound programs for safety, environment stewardship and community goodwill.  Hence, we aspire to be a leader in all three of these areas.  To achieve this goal, Timberline, along with its many employees, lives up to a list of key corporate values, including:

Employee Health and Safety

  • We ensure systems are in place to prevent  injury to employees as well as loss to processes and property
  • We ensure systems are in place to control physical, chemical biological and ergonomic hazards
  • We set accident and injury prevention objectives and hold employees accountable to meet set targets
  • We meet or exceed all applicable regulatory safety and health requirements

Social Responsibility

  • We honor our word and our commitments
  • We strive to distinguish our organization by being respectful to the community, employees and stakeholders
  • We consider our stakeholders’ issues whenever making decisions
  • We promote sustainable development as determined by the community
  • We encourage local community initiatives
  • We use local suppliers as a source for supplies and services

Environmental Stewardship

  • We comply with all applicable state and national laws and regulations concerning the environment
  • We carefully examine every drill site and take the necessary steps to ensure our operations are always eco-friendly

These commitments are a critical part of Timberline’s way of doing business.  We also conduct business in a transparent manner to prove our accountability.  That’s what makes us the drilling company of choice.


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